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Some tournaments are specifically bass.
Here you will find most of the bass tournaments on a state and national level.
In the world of Bass Tournaments there are generally about five categories distinguishing types of tournaments and level of expertise of the people who fish them. www.classicbass.com lists all tournaments, tournament results, etc.

Category 1
~Clubs, Derbies, One-Time Events, Community Events, Fundraisers
~Usually 2 or more anglers per team
~Open to all levels

Category 2
~Leagues, Weekly Series
~1 or 2 Angler Team
~Level: Experienced
~1 Day

Category 3
~Circuit Tournaments: 4-6 or more competitions, at various locations, all under the same umbrella name, often capped off with a championship.
~2 Angler Team
~1 - 2 day event
    -NABC North American Bass Circuit
    -Full Throttle Bass
    -Bass Classic
    -Denny’s Super 30

Category 4
~ Invitationals
~Professional/Amateur (Amateur is drawn randomly to be paired up with pro.)
~Very Experienced
~Usually 2 -3 days
~Held at a National Level with a few Minnesota events
     -Bass Master Open
    -FLW Everstart

Category 5
~Top Level Pro
~Professional/Amateur (Amateur is drawn randomly to be paired up with pro.)
~Extremely Experience: Has major sponsorship. Has become his/her career
~2 – 3 Days
~Example: Bass Masters Elite & FLW Tour
~Held at a National Level

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